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An American girl from Tennessee teaching middle school science in Abu Dhabi.

I’m committed to helping other teachers by providing high quality science resources and breaking down the mystery of classroom management into steps we can take tomorrow.

Middle School Science: Full Units

With years of experience in the classroom, I’ve managed to develop several complete unit plans. Click to get my recommended pacing and a complete list of useful resources. Bear in mind that I’ve taught all of these units several times myself, and my recommendations come with the assurance of experience and practice. I’m still a full time teacher, so I tweak these posts quite often.

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middle school science meiosis mitosis
middle school science first week
middle school science dna unit

Mastering classroom management is a must for any middle school teacher. I’ve spent years perfecting the strategies I use to stay sane in a classroom full of energetic preteens. If you’re new or struggling in this area, you’re not alone.

Check out my blog posts on classroom management or get my complete handbook with discussion questions and tons of strategies that will help over a new leaf!

It won’t be easy, but it will definitely be worth it.

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