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An American girl from Tennessee teaching middle school science in Abu Dhabi.

I’m committed to helping other teachers by providing high quality science resources and breaking down the mystery of classroom management into steps we can take tomorrow.

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middle school classroom management

Recent Classroom Management Posts for Middle School:

I struggled with classroom management for the first 5 years of my career. Even though it’s much better now, it never stops being something you should continue to study as a professional educator. Get my tips and step by step instructions here.

Classroom Management Master Post
Assignment Tracking
Entering the Classroom
Positive Narration
Feedback Loops
Self Care

middle school science

Recent Science Posts for Middle School Teachers:

I compile all my resources for each topic here. These one stop pages are intended to provide all the resources you need for your upcoming science lessons. Including but not limited to: worksheets, videos, FREE downloads, teacher tips, and topic descriptions.

Cell Theory
Protein Synthesis
Punnett Squares
Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction

Middle School Science: Full Units

With years of experience in the classroom, I’ve managed to develop several complete unit plans. Click to get my recommended pacing and a complete list of useful resources. Bear in mind that I’ve taught all of these units several times myself, and my recommendations come with the assurance of experience and practice. I’m still a full time teacher, so I tweak these posts quite often.

Click any image for more details.

middle school science meiosis mitosis
middle school science first week
middle school science dna unit

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