STEM Project: The Invention Convention

At our school we designed the Invention Convention to give the kids a way to really practice the engineering skills they had spent so much time learning. Students are encouraged to choose a problem in their everyday lives and then create a solution through new technology.

To walk them through the phases of the project, students are given a booklet where they brainstorm, sketch, and report on their efforts during each day of the project. The booklet also has a checklist where students can keep track of their requirements.

In the end students create a poster with a summary of their project including a title and a description of the problem they are solving.

Invention Convention Sample
Invention Convention Sample

Click here to see the full Invention Convention STEM Project!

And let’s be honest, not all students enjoy perfectionism as much as others. I can’t quite remember what this kid was making, but I hope it was a door stop. Not all projects are created equally!

And of course.. the duds

This year we modified the project to require students to invent something using recycled materials. Here’s what the students came up with!

Here’s what one teacher said:

I am so excited to use this format! Well laid out and easy to implement. Thanks!

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