The Invention Convention 2020

Implement the Invention Convention in 2020 to give students a chance to put the Engineering Design Process into action! Already being used in over 100 schools, this engaging project is yearly favorite for students around the globe. In the Invention Convention, students are encouraged to choose a problem in their everyday lives and then create a solution through new technology.

To walk students through the phases of the design process, your download will include a 19 page student booklet in which students brainstorm, sketch, and report on their efforts during each day of the project. The booklet also has a checklist where students can keep track of their requirements.

Booklet Contents:

  • To Do Checklist
  • Define a Problem
  • Brainstorming Solutions
  • Pre Conference Form with Teacher
  • Develop a Model
  • Materials List
  • Materials Request Letter
  • Daily Progress Logs
  • Create a Poster
  • 2 User Testimonials
  • Self Evaluation
  • Formative Rubric
  • Summative Rubric

After completing their prototype, students will design poster with a summary of their project including a title and a description of the problem their invention solves.

Click here to see the full Invention Convention STEM Project!

Invention Convention Ideas

invention convention ideas
Invention Convention Sample
invention convention ideas
Invention Convention Sample

Click here to see the full Invention Convention STEM Project!

And let’s be honest, not all students enjoy perfectionism as much as others. I can’t quite remember what this kid was making, but I hope it was a door stop. Not all projects are created equally! It’s important to remind our students that failure is a natural part of the creation process!

invention convention ideas
And of course.. the duds

Another great Invention Convention idea to incorporate a more sustainability twist is to challenge your students to create their prototypes using only recycled resources. This is a great way to incorporate the modern ecological considerations that are on everyone’s minds in 2020.

Still unsure if you can swing the Invention Convention in 2020? Check out what these teachers said!

This is a well thought out plan to guide students through the invention process!

I am so excited to use this format! Well laid out and easy to implement. Thanks!

Click here to see the full Invention Convention STEM Project!

About the author: I’m a teacher too! I work in an American International School in Abu Dhabi. Read more about me here.

If you’re looking for other great STEM Projects, check out the Biosphere Project which has more of an ecology and sustainability focus.

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Invention Convention

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  1. Your students showcased their analytical thinking and creativity beautifully. I love the mashups that emerged into coherent designs and presentations. Failure is indeed part of the process–a lesson worth learning and relearning. Thank you for sharing your students’ work!
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