How to Print as a Booklet

Immediately after I learned how to print as a booklet I got hooked! I love saving paper and plus these mini books are also just so cute! In my old school the copier could do it , but now I have to print my booklets in a different way. This method works for anyone who has a printer!

Here’s how to print a booklet from any PDF:

To start, you’ll need Adobe Reader. Don’t worry, it’s free!

Once you have that installed, open your PDF in the Adobe Reader.

Example of how your PDF should look once you’ve opened it in Adobe.

After that, click print and select the booklet option here:

Click the “Booklet” option.

Now your PDF will print and easily fold in half to make a great booklet!

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I'm an international teacher in Abu Dhabi. I am seeking new ways to support teachers. I currently run a Teachers Pay Teachers store focused primarily on Middle School Science, and I am working on writing my first book on classroom management.

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