Why I Incorporate Coloring Time in my Middle School Classroom

One of my favorite classroom management strategies is mandatory coloring time. I use this activity once per unit. Everyone gets a different word wall word (purchased through TPT) and I also supply the coloring supplies. Then I set a timer. 30 minutes. You can finish late but you cannot finish early. (This is to stop those kids that zoom through everything.)

During mandatory coloring time you’re allowed to listen to music or sit however you like. Most kids choose to just chat though, with me and with each other. We use this time as a brain break. A chance to relax and enjoy one another.

Although this coloring time may not be considered “bell to bell” instruction by strict administrators, I believe it’s one of the most important things I do for classroom management. It’s my chance to step out of the role of “The All Knowing Answer Giver” and simply spend time relating to the kids. I chat with them and find out what their interests are or what they’re currently watching on Youtube.

You’ve probably heard before that the most important part of classroom management is relationships, so why not take time to build them?

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