About Me

My name is Laney, and I have taught middle school STEM for the past 7 years.

I spent my first four years in Tennessee, but then I decided to take a leap of faith and switch to international teaching. I’ve been in Abu Dhabi ever since.

As I no longer work in the American public school system, I’m completely comfortable discussing the reasons why I left. There’s a lot of pros and cons to that system as compared to the one I’m in now, and I truly enjoy having these honest conversations. Being real about the state of things is the only way we can press forward to provide a better education for our students.

I’m a completely regular teacher, and I want to learn and grow with you! I am committed to confidence, integrity, and connection. While I know that not everyone may resonate with my approach, I stand firmly on my experience and knowledge to provide the best advice that I can give. This blog is intended to combine the wealth of my own knowledge with the resources I have made and accumulated to be as helpful as possible to classroom teachers.

It’s a fun custom to wear traditional Emirati on National Day when we celebrate our country’s anniversary!

My missions and passions include:

  • Cut out the performative fakery in teacher to teacher relationships. Increase vulnerability and honesty.
  • Reach as many teachers as possible. Open up the conversation about classroom management and the challenges of being presentable and accountable to large groups of adolescents every single day. Be the mentor I wish I’d had.
  • Provide resources that help STEM teachers teach today.

Check out my youtube channel to see more of my life as an international teacher!

Together with of my international students

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