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One Pager Science – With Examples!

I love to use one pager science activities to help my students review key takeaways from lots of different topics! In this activity, students are tasked with the problem of fitting all the essential information related to a topic onto the front of one page, ideally in an aesthetically pleasing way. It’s a great way to incorporate design, creativity, and color into your classroom.

Tips for Incorporating One Pager Science into Your Next Lesson

Although it would be fun to eventually build students up to the point that they can design and create their own one pager from scratch, I’d recommend beginning with some templates available on TPT. This way, students can begin to catch on to the main idea behind the activity: creating a well organized summary sheet within the confined space.

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After your students have caught on to the purpose behind the one pager, challenge your most artistically inclined students to design their own for topics you’ve discussed as a form of differentiation. This is also a great assignment for early finishers.

Students who work more slowly or need more scaffolding can still be given templates.

For a fun infusion of technology, consider allowing students to use online design programs like Canva. I’m not at this level in my own class yet, but I think it would be amazing to play around with iPads and apple pens to create one pagers in Adobe Illustrator or other great drawing apps.

Take a look at a couple examples to get inspired!

Example One Pagers

science tools one pager science example

Get this science tools template here.

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symbiosis one pager science example

Get this symbiosis template here.

energy one pager science example

Get this energy template here.

mitosis one pager science example

Get this mitosis template here.

meiosis one pager science example

Get this meiosis template here.

inheritance one pager science example

Get this FREE Inheritance One pager template here.

CER one pager science example

Get this FREE CER One pager template here.

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