Build A Biosphere – Ecology and Sustainability Project – PDF & Digital



Guide your students through the process of designing the first true extraterrestrial human colony! With an ecology focus, this project guides students through the following steps in a 20 page booklet:

  • Choose A Planet
  • Biosphere Inhabitants (Who will you bring?)
  • Recreation in the Biosphere (What will your inhabitants do for fun?)
  • Food in the Biosphere (How much farm land will be required?)
  • A Meal in the Biosphere (What really goes into making your favorite dish?)
  • Water in the Biosphere (How much fresh water is needed to support the humans and their farms?)
  • Oxygen in the Biosphere (How many trees would it take to support your population?)
  • Biosphere Wilderness (What kinds of natural wilderness will you incorporate?)
  • Biome 1 (Plan biodiversity)
  • Biome 2
  • Biosphere Brainstorm (Design the look and size of your biosphere.)


Optionally, have students build models of their design.

Included with your purchase:
  • Teacher Tips
  • Pre-Reading with answer key
  • Student Booklet PDF
  • Student Booklet Google Slides
  • Rubric


Check out this blog post to see more examples of student work!




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