Plate Boundaries – Color by Number



Color by number science is a great activity for:

  • early finishers
  • homework
  • differentiation
  • sub plans
  • easy to check assessment.


This color by number resource includes 10 multiple choice questions in which students identify the various features of the 3 plate boundaries: convergent, divergent, and transform.


Your purchase includes a PDF download with answer key.


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NGSS Standards covered:

HS-ESS2-3 Develop a model based on evidence of Earth’s interior to describe the cycling of matter by thermal convection. Emphasis is on both a one-dimensional model of Earth, with radial layers determined by density, and a three-dimensional model, which is controlled by mantle convection and the resulting plate tectonics. Examples of evidence include maps of Earth’s three-dimensional structure obtained from seismic waves, records of the rate of change of Earth’s magnetic field (as constraints on convection in the outer core), and identification of the composition of Earth’s layers from high-pressure laboratory experiments.


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