Darwin, Natural Selection, & Evolution Webquest – PDF & Digital Versions



In this Darwin, Natural Selection, & Evolution webquest, students will explore Darwin’s voyage using a Khan Academy article. Questions are related to the reading to ensure comprehension and deeper thinking.


Next, students play a game where they select adaptations for a species and then try to ensure its survival for 1,000,000 years through a variety of environmental changes.


This resource comes with both print and Google versions of the file for your convenience to use in the classroom or through Google Classroom (or other online learning platforms).



This resource uses the following sites:


Uses for this product:

  • An independent work station in a set of stations
  • Flipped Classroom pre-reading
  • Whole or small group opportunity to model and teach Close Reading strategies and annotation
  • Differentiation – Assign this reading as researching for students who have yet to show mastery.
  • Homework 
  • Creation of Independent Work Packet for students who are not able to be present for direct instruction.


Purchase includes a printable PDF file with answer key. On page 2 of this resource you will find a link to a student friendly Google Slide version of this file. You will be able to copy this file and use it with Google Classroom or any other paperless initiative.



The fourth page of this resource links to a website that requires Adobe Flash Player. Many browsers no longer support this software, but it is possible to work around this issue.


Here is a link for the download of a standalone flash player:


There is also a web-based flash emulator called Ruffle that works well for the activity:



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NGSS Standards covered in this evolution webquest:

MS-LS4-6 Use mathematical representations to support explanations of how natural selection may lead to increases and decreases of specific traits in populations over time. Emphasis is on using mathematical models, probability statements, and proportional reasoning to support explanations of trends in changes to populations over time. Assessment does not include Hardy Weinberg calculations.


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