Graphing Practice – Print & Digital Worksheet



This digital graphing practice worksheet is designed to give students experience in creating graphs in Excel or Google Sheets from a data table but can also be used with regular paper and pencil! This resource is geared slightly towards science, and the final two pages prompt students to examine what the scientists who collected this data may have been studying and what their variables are. Outliers are mentioned at one point as well.


Students are prompted to create:

  • 1 line graph
  • 1 circle graph
  • 1 bar graph
  • 1 scatterplot
  • 1 graph of their choice


Purchase includes a printable PDF file. On page 2 of this resource you will find a link to a student friendly Google Slide version of this file. You will be able to copy this file and use it with Google Classroom or any other paperless initiative.



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