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Sexual vs. Asexual Webquest – PDF & Digital



Introduce or reinforce the differences between sexual vs. asexual reproduction with this no prep webquest! First, students will learn a basic background on the two forms of reproduction using a Youtube video by the Amoeba Sisters.


Next, students look at several case studies of various species and how they reproduce. Using their background knowledge, students determine if each organism reproduces sexually, asexually, or both.


Last, students will (hypothetically) work with a genetics lab to design an indestructible species that can withstand the test of time. They’ll argue whether their species should reproduce sexually or asexually and how that will give them an advantage.


Uses the following sites:


Purchase includes a printable PDF file in color with answer key. On page 2 of this resource you will find a link to a student friendly Google Slide version of this file. You will be able to copy this file and use it with Google Classroom or any other paperless initiative.


This resource corresponds to the following NGSS standard:

MS-LS3-2 Develop and use a model to describe why asexual reproduction results in offspring with identical genetic information and sexual reproduction results in offspring with genetic variation. Emphasis is on using models such as Punnett squares, diagrams, and simulations to describe the cause and effect relationship of gene transmission from parent(s) to offspring and resulting genetic variation.


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