Halloween Activities for Science Class

Halloween is just around the corner…why not use it as an excuse for an extra fun day (or week) in your science classroom?! Making use of the Halloween season is a fun way to get those young scientists in your classroom engaged in science class. So, if you’re looking for some lesson ideas with a […]

STEM Challenge: Tower Building

A great activity for the first day of school or any day that you need a fun hands on pick me up. Have your students compete to see who can build the tallest tower with a supply of random materials. Traditionally, I always saw this activity done with spaghetti, tape, and marshmallows, but I’ve since […]

The Invention Convention 2021

Implement the Invention Convention in 2021 to give students a chance to put the Engineering Design Process into action! Already being used in over 100 schools, this engaging project is yearly favorite for students around the globe. In the Invention Convention, students are encouraged to choose a problem in their everyday lives and then create […]