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Create a Food Web – Rubric


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Looking for an extension activity for your ecology unit? Are you looking for a way for students to have fun while also learning? This food web rubric activity is the perfect resource for you!


Let your class get goofy with this fun activity! With the direction of this rubric, students will design a food web and label the different kinds of producers and consumers. The kicker is that students do not have to be required to make a food web that represents real ecosystem. Students can create food webs using mythical creatures, their favorite TV show characters, memes, or even their teachers. (I was labeled as primary consumer.)


How Can I Use this Resource?

  • Emergency Sub Plans
  • An independent work station in a set of stations
  • Differentiation – Assign this activity as reteaching for students who have yet to show mastery.
  • Homework
  • Creation of Independent Work Packet for students who are not able to be present for direct instruction.
  • Extension activity for early finishers or for students who show a special interest in the topic
  • Use as a square on a Choice Board


What’s Included?

Purchase includes a printable PDF file in color with student samples.


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Develop a model to describe the cycling of matter and flow of energy among living and nonliving parts of an ecosystem. Emphasis is on describing the conservation of matter and flow of energy into and out of various ecosystems, and on defining the boundaries of the system. Assessment does not include the use of chemical reactions to describe the processes.
Construct an explanation that predicts patterns of interactions among organisms across multiple ecosystems. Emphasis is on predicting consistent patterns of interactions in different ecosystems in terms of the relationships among and between organisms and abiotic components of ecosystems. Examples of types of interactions could include competitive, predatory, and mutually beneficial.


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