Meiosis Webquest

meiosis webquest

me fabulous, time tested resources that I’ve already prepared to make lesson planning, tutoring, or homework time a whole lot easier. 

DNA Mutations Practice Worksheet With Answer Key

DNA mutations practice worksheet with answer key pdf

If you’re looking for a DNA mutations practice worksheet, then look no further. I can provide a perfect PDF file with answer key to simplify your life right away. Scroll down to browse my DNA mutations worksheets. What is a DNA mutation? Humans have 46 chromosomes in every cell in their body (except their gametes, […]

Protein Synthesis Worksheet

protein synthesis worksheet

The following protein synthesis worksheets are intended for use with these NGSS standard: HS-LS1- 1 Construct an explanation based on evidence for how the structure of DNA determines the structure of proteins, which carry out the essential functions of life through systems of specialized cells. I was once like you, searching all over the web for a decent […]

DNA Extraction Lab

Get the easiest step by step guide with pictures to the DNA Extraction Lab here. Read more to get the FREE presentation for classroom use.

DNA Unit – Teacher’s Guide

Looking to plan a comprehensive DNA unit for your middle school class? Get all the worksheets, presentations, quizzes and tests you need in PDF format!

DNA Model Project

The DNA model project is a hilarious mess! My students had such a hard time getting their models to actually stand up, that I gave up completely Here’s the link to the project. If you’re able to get some photos in your class, please send them to me at I’d love to see what […]