In the world of middle school science curriculum options, the Amplify curriculum often comes up as a “fan favorite” among science teachers. Amplify Science is a K-8 science program. This curriculum offers hands-on activities, interactive digital tools, and literacy-rich activities in each unit of Amplify Science. (Talk about well-rounded.) 


All Amplify Science units have been carefully crafted around specific real-world phenomena. Students will be introduced to each real-world problem and given the opportunity to learn and explore new scientific concepts through hands-on investigations and close reading activities. The goal of this program is to strengthen scientific awareness, improve critical thinking skills, and boost reading abilities. Through the variety of print activities and digital learning tools, your students will be engaged in every lesson. 


I asked my Facebook group of over 13,000 middle school science teachers to share their thoughts and honest opinions about Amplify Science Curriculum. Let me tell you…this group never disappoints! Here’s what real-life middle school teachers had to say about this resource: 

  • HANDS ON INVESTIGATIONS: Many of the teachers surveyed in my Facebook group indicated that the hands-on activities enhanced the overall learning experience for their students. As part of the included instructional materials, Amplify provides videos of each hands-on activity. This can be a great support for teachers during the planning and preparation process. It also offers a simple way for students to “make-up” missed activities after an absence or could be used as an easy sub lesson. 
  • EASY TO USE: Who doesn’t love a program that is simple to understand and use? Amplify offers scripted lessons at each grade level, making it easy for new users or substitutes to teach from this program. Amplify does an excellent job creating lesson that deepen student learning without stumping teachers in the process. 
  • STANDARDS ALIGNED: The Amplify Science Curriculum is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, making it simple to work this program into nearly any set of state standards or district requirements. 
  • HEAVY EMPHASIS ON READING PROGRAMS: Many teachers felt that this program placed an extreme emphasis on literacy, particularly at the middle school level. Each unit required extensive reading in order to complete the lesson activities. 
  • BORING CONTENT: Several teachers indicated that the intense structure and heavy reading requirements left students feeling bored and uninterested. In some cases, they felt it was even tempting for them as teachers to “check out.” 
  • LONG ASSESSMENTS: The assessments included in this program are very long and, many felt, difficult to grade. 

This graphic contains additional thoughts, information, and opinions about Amplify Science. All information reflected was provided by real classroom teacher that use/have used the Amplify Science curriculum.


I’ve got you covered! This Amplify Science review is part of a series unpacking the pros and cons of several of the major science program options available to middle school teachers. The best part is…ALL of the feedback in these reviews came from a group of nearly 15,000 middle school science teachers. After all…there truly are no better science education experts than real life science teachers! Check out these other reviews on popular middle school programs: 


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