Cancer Webquest



I created this product to use as a part of my DNA unit. Following protein synthesis and mutations to supplement our mini unit on genetic disorders. This webquest could be used in any science/health related way, though, as it doesn’t require much pre-requisite knowledge.


The webquest follows this structure:

  • Students read an article on to answer basic questions about what cancer is and what the main types of cancer are
  • Students continue with to summarize common treatment options as well as their side effects
  • Students conduct their own research into breakthrough treatment options as well as researching what it would take to actually cure this disease


If you want, this can be used as a stand alone sub plan. It would also be great to open up discussions and to see how students are applying their genetic knowledge to modern day problems!



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NGSS Standards covered:

MS-LS3-1 Develop and use a model to describe why structural changes to genes (mutations) located on chromosomes may affect proteins and may result in harmful, beneficial, or neutral effects to the structure and function of the organism. Emphasis is on conceptual understanding that changes in genetic material may result in making different proteins. Assessment does not include specific changes at the molecular level, mechanisms for protein synthesis, or specific types of mutations.


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