Science Fair Project



Welcome to the Science Fair Project!

This project is compatible with virtualin person, or hybrid learning styles.


Included with this resource:

  • 43 page digital Student Booklet (divided into 4 parts) File type: Google Slides
  • Teacher Tips & Instructions including tips for differentiation and a student checklist
  • Sample Student Booklet, Lab Report, & Visual Project
  • Rubric


Skills reinforced by the science fair project:

  • Designing and planning an investigation
  • Identifying independent & dependent variables, controls groups, constants
  • Creating data tables & graphs
  • Drawing conclusions from data
  • Writing a lab report


This project is broken into four parts that can be completed over about 3 weeks:

Part 1: Plan

Students will determine the question they will investigate and write a hypothesis. They will plan procedures and required materials as well as identifying independent variables, dependent variables, control group, and constants. Students will also predict possible sources of bias and experimental error.


Part 2: Execute

Students will complete their investigation. They will collect data and observations.


Part 3: Conclusions

Students will determine an answer to their question and defend their claim in a CER style response. They will also reflect on ways their experimental procedure could be improved.


Part 4: Report

Students are given the option (or you can choose one for them) to either write a lab report or create a visual display that details all the parts of their investigation. Samples of each are included along with a rubric.


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