Waves Unit Plan

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Waves Unit Plan


Is lesson planning just too much on top of teaching, on top of grading, on top of classroom management, on top of *ahem* living your life?  Get all the guidance you need to teach a comprehensive, no-prep Waves Unit either in person, hybrid, or virtual, with my all-inclusive Waves unit bundle!


This unit guide will save time, engage your students, and wow your administrators! Unit overview, NGSS standards, and a pacing guide are all included with links to relevant resources to make planning a breeze.


This free unit guide covers: 

  • Unit Summary
  • NGSS Standards Alignment
  • Enduring Understandings
  • Guiding Questions
  • A brief description of all resources included in this bundle
  • Suggested Pacing
  • Key vocabulary with definitions
  • Additional Resources


Who is this Waves Unit Plan resource for?

This resource can be used by classroom teachers, tutors, and parents of students in grades 6-9.


This resource is ideal for teachers who teach in person, online, or hybrid. Digital versions are included with all resources to make lesson planning a breeze!


How do I teach this unit? 

Download the full unit that corresponds to this unit here.


Topics covered in this unit include:

  • Longitudinal vs. Transverse waves
  • Mechanical vs. Electromagnetic waves
  • Sound Waves
  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Wave Properties
  • Wave Parts
  • Wave interactions (reflection, refraction, diffraction, absorption, interference, resonance)
  • Digital & Analog Signals


Key Features of this Unit:

  • Can be implemented in person, hybrid, or virtual
  • Several engaging Google Slides lessons
  • Several guided reading resources for homework or class practice
  • Project-based learning
  • Formative and summative assessment


What’s Included?

This unit guide is a Google Docs resource. When you download, you’ll receive a PDF with a link on page 2.


Please take a look at the individual product preview files to see more of the resources included in this bundle.

More questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or email me at laneyleeteaches@gmail.com.

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