Best Planners For Middle School teachers

Alright teachers…hopefully you’ve been enjoying your summer break and taking some (much needed) time for rest and relaxation. I know you’ve earned it! That being said, we wouldn’t be teachers if we weren’t beginning to make plans for the upcoming school year. Personally, having a great daily planner is the only way I keep my ideas straight. When it comes to choosing a great lesson plan book, there are many different types of planners on the market. After trial and erroring many different monthly planner options, I’ve found these to be the best planners for middle school teachers! 

Favorite Physical Planners

I don’t know about you, but I definitely prefer a good ‘ole fashioned, pen to paper school planner. Give me a planner with tab stickers, space for lesson plans, monthly calendar pages, and maybe a pocket folder or two and I’m one happy teacher! If a well-structured physical planner is your personal preference, here are a few of the best planners for middle school teachers you’ll definitely want to check out! 

Blue Sky Planner

The Blue Sky teacher planners are popular for a reason. These beautiful planners include both weekly and monthly spreads with plenty of room to jot lesson notes and other important information. Additionally, this lesson planner comes with to-do list stickers, a clip in ruler, and dedicated pages for creating a classroom seating chart. The Blue Sky planner is a great option if you’re looking for a straightforward, simple lesson planner. 

The Erin Condren Planner

The Erin Condren teacher planner is a high quality planner that is sure to meet your needs. Within this great teacher planner, you’ll find space for weekly, monthly, and school year planning. Communication logs, notes pages, and space for checklists are offered as supplemental pages. The Erin Condren planner is customizable, offerening a variety of beautiful cover designs to choose from. Additionally, you’ll have the options between a soft book binding and spiral binding. With all of the custom options you have with this great planner, you’ll be getting a teacher planner that is both functional and beautiful!

Plum Paper Planner

When it comes to teacher planners, Plum Paper is one of the best teacher planners you can find! This well-structured planner is completely customizable, with different planner options based on grade level. That’s right! Whether you are an elementary school teacher or you spend your days with high school students, Plum Paper has a planner that’s perfect for you. But since this is a post specifically focused on the best planners for middle school teachers, let’s unpack that! 

Plum Paper’s middle school teacher planner includes: 

  • A Year at a Glance 
  • Weekly Planning Pages
  • Monthly Calendars 
  • A Notes Section 
  • Class Schedule Pages 
  • Student Checklist Pages 
  • And more…

Although these planners are a bit more expensive than some of the other options, this customizable teacher planner truly does have plenty of space for all of your teacher planner needs. 

Elan Publishing Planner

Looking for an easy to get, affordable lesson planner option? Look no further! This great Amazon find is a good planner for teachers of all grade levels. This undated planner allows you to customize your calendar around your school year schedule. This planner includes weekly pages for lesson planning, contact logs, and space for student progress or attendance records. One of my favorite bonuses included in this great planner are the colorful sticker sheets that make color coding classes or content areas simple and easy. 

Ditch That Textbook

​Do you love a good bullet journal? If so, this is definitely the teacher planner for you! The Ditch That Textbook planner isn’t just about keeping track of your daily schedule. This unique resource is packed with different tools and ideas to enhance your classroom instruction and lesson planning. Think of it as a monthly calendar and a teacher empowerment book all wrapped up into one. You truly won’t find another another planner like this on the market...check it out! 

Best Digital Planner

With everything in our classrooms moving digital these days, having some digital planning options just makes sense! If you’re the kind that prefers to keep everything on the phone or computer, check out my favorite digital lesson planning option! 


Planbook is an online lesson planning resource that allows you to not only keep track of your lesson plans, but also share and collaborate with other teachers. Planbook makes it easy to map out your lesson plans but ALSO to rearrange edit, or move lessons at the drop of a hat. When your day just doesn’t go as you had planned, you can simple bump lessons without the hassle of erassing and rewriting notes as you’d have to do in a physical pen to paper lesson book. Planbook is a great choice for the tech-saavy teachers among us. 

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