Carbon Cycle Worksheet & Presentation

Look no further! Your carbon cycle worksheet and teaching presentation are here! These easy to use and check activities cover all the major vocabulary your students will need to master the carbon cycle.

Topics include:

  • Carbon in Living Things
    Did you know that you’re made of carbon? Carbon is an essential element for biology because of its ability to bond in four directions. This fact makes all kinds of three dimensional organisms possible.
  • Greenhouse Effect
    The greenhouse effect is more important than ever as our planet begins to experience the adverse affects of global warming. There is more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere than ever as we continue to burn through fossil fuel reserves.
  • Respiration/Photosynthesis
    These processes are perfectly balanced to exchange carbon and oxygen between organisms. Plants play an essential role in absorbing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but can they keep up with our demands?
  • Fossils Fuels
    Fossil fuels contain the energy of long lost organic matter. They release massive amounts of energy when burned, and for that reason our society has become dependent. We use fossil fuels for everything from electricity to powering our aircraft. But with every gallon of oil we burn, we release more carbon into the air. This contributes to the greenhouse effect.
  • Industrial Emissions/Combustion
    Industries relying on fossil fuels continue to emit carbon dioxide into the air, warming our planet. Can trees and other plants absorb it fast enough to save us from major climate change?
  • Diffusion
    Carbon can also be removed from the air when it diffuses into the ocean. There it can be absorbed by photosynthetic algae.

Carbon Cycle Worksheet

Teach the Carbon Cycle with this easy to use and check activity covering all the major introductory vocabulary. This resource has 2 pages of information and 2 pages of activities for students. A reading introduces important vocabulary. Students are then able to answer comprehension questions.

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FREE Carbon Cycle Google Slides Presentation

The best things in life are free! Grab the presentation that corresponds to the carbon cycle worksheet above by clicking the link below. All you have to do after you access the file is make a copy and then it’s yours to keep and edit as you please.

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