How to Open Any PDF in Your Books App

This tutorial is going to require that you have access to digital files on your phone. Yes, you can email them to yourself if you have an email app on your phone, and open them that way. I use the Google Drive app that allows me to access to all the same files that are on my computer from my phone all the time.

If you’re not already using a cloud service for storage, like Google Drive or Dropbox, I highly recommend that start as soon as possible. I pay about $20 a year for Google drive, and for that price I never have to worry about losing my files due to a hard drive crash. I can also access my files through any device that connects to the internet by simply going to the Google Drive website. I also have the app on my phone. I use it to pull up files and email them to students, parents, or colleagues all the time without having to get on my computer.

1. Open the File

Begin by opening the file from whatever app you have access to it through. I’ll show you first how to do it with a cloud app and then from an email.

Search for the file you need within your cloud app. Click on the three dots or any other icon that would usually give you options for what you’ll do with this file (share it, download it, copy it, etc.)

2. Choose to Open the File in Another Program

After I click the options button, I’m given the choice to open this PDF with another program on my phone.

3. Choose the App You’d Like to Open the PDF In

For whatever reason, books was not one of my “main” options. I simply scroll to the right and select “more.”

When my “more” options pop up, I can easily choose the app I’d like to use. Now I select to open this PDF in Books or even Kindle.

4. Enjoy!

My PDF is now available in my Books app with other PDFs I’ve stored there for easy access!

Reading is a breeze!


If you haven’t yet switched over to a cloud app, you could always open a PDF that you’ve emailed to yourself using these steps.

1. Download the PDF

Download the PDF from the email it’s attached to by clicking on it.

2. Click on your options button

3. Choose That You’d Like to “Open With” Another Application

These are the first options that pop up for me. I had to again scroll to the right, select “More” and then choose “Books.”

There you have it! You can use this tutorial to turn upload any PDF in your favorite books app for easy reading and access! If you noticed above, I even have my school’s academic calendar in my Books app for quick access.

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