How to Print as a Booklet

Disclaimer: If your school already has a massive industrial style printer, there is a very good chance that there’s a setting on the printer that allows you to turn any set of A4 pages into a mini booklet. It would be worth asking around to see if anyone already knows a simple way to print as a booklet, since it will shorten this whole process down to the press of a button. My old school had this option, so I made everything into booklets to save paper. My new school, sadly, does not. That’s how I came to learn this method.

Immediately after I learned how to print as a booklet I got hooked! I love saving paper and plus these mini books are also just so cute! This method works for anyone who has a printer that can print on both sides (ideally).

Here’s how to print a booklet from any PDF:

To start, you’ll need Adobe Reader. Don’t worry, it’s free!

Once you have that installed, open your PDF in the Adobe Reader.

Example of how your PDF should look once you’ve opened it in Adobe.

After that, click print and select the booklet option here:

Click the “Booklet” option.

Now your PDF will print and easily fold in half to make a great booklet! Stapling is optional.

If the back cover of your booklet is blank, I’d recommend applying glue to the back and gluing the entire booklet into an interactive notebook as seen below.

Even though the content is the same, this method can turn any boring set of papers into a fun mini book. Students find the size and compactness somehow more motivating than the dreaded “packet” of worksheets that we all know and loath. So if you’ve never tried this paper saving method, I encourage you to give it a shot!

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