Invasive Species

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Invasive Species Definition

Invasive species are defined as any species that has been transported, either on purpose or accidentally, from one place to another. Generally, these immigrant species are only defined as “invasive” if they cause damage to the ecosystem to which they’ve been introduced.

Invasive Species List

I use this list of invasive species because the species included here are easy to research with plenty of info available on each.

  1. Brown Tree Snake
  2. Hydrilla
  3. Asian Long Horned Beetle
  4. Cane toad
  5. Kudzu
  6. Lionfish
  7. Emerald Ash Borer
  8. Northern Snakehead
  9. Asian Carp
  10. Zebra Mussel
  11. European Starling
  12. Small Indian Mongoose
  13. Northern Pacific Seastar
  14. Water Hyacinth
  15. Burmese Python
  16. Nutria
  17. Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
  18. Feral Hogs
  19. Norway Rt
  20. Tegu
  21. Asian Citrus Phyllis
  22. Asian Tiger Mosquito
  23. Japanese Beetle
  24. Red Imported Fire Ant

View this list of invasive species for more.

Invasive Species Worksheet

With this easy to use worksheet, students read about 6 different invasive species and answer questions using the information they have learned. This worksheet comes with a printable PDF version and a digital Google Slides version for use with Google Classroom.

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Invasive Species Project

This assessment ties together several ecology topics such as resource availability, interactions of organisms, cycling of matter and energy, competition, and the idea that populations are affected by various physical and biological components of ecosystems. Students will investigate how their species has impacted its non-native ecosystem as well as describing planned solutions for maintaining biodiversity.

After students have completed their research, they will film a segment of an imaginary television show called Ecology’s Most Wanted. In their video they will act as a news anchor and cover all the major information about their species and its impact on the ecosystem.

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