Bloom’s Question Stems for READING & LANGUAGE ARTS

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Reading Language Arts Question Stems


good question makes all the difference when it comes to deepening understanding and assessing mastery, and even the best teachers can add to their toolkit with this set of Bloom’s question stems for reading, leveled according to Blooms Taxonomy.


Teach Thought (link) describes Bloom’s Taxonomy as “a hierarchical ordering of cognitive skills that can, among countless other uses, help teachers teach and students learn.”


Who is this Bloom’s Question Stems for Reading resource for?

This resource can be used by english, reading, and language arts teachers, tutors, and parents of students in any grade.


Uses for this product:

This resource includes question stems for reading for all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy (knowing, organizing, applying, analyzing, generating, integrating, evaluating) and can be used for:

  • creating assessments
  • creating science resources
  • planning lessons
  • evaluating the complexity of questions or assignments
  • self assessment
  • unit planning for any set of standards


What’s Included?

Purchase includes a printable PDF file.


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