Circuits Virtual Lab


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Use PhET simulations to explore circuits with this virtual lab!


Website to be used with lab sheet:


Students are prompted to explore conductivity, AC and DC currents, and series and parallel circuits.


Purchase includes editable (Word) and PDF versions.



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NGSS Standards covered by this circuits virtual lab:

HS-PS1-6 Refine the design of a chemical system by specifying a change in conditions that would produce increased amounts of products at equilibrium. Emphasis is on the application of Le Chatelier’s Principle and on refining designs of chemical reaction systems, including descriptions of the connection between changes made at the macroscopic level and what happens at the molecular level. Examples of designs could include different ways to increase product formation including adding reactants or removing products. Assessment is limited to specifying the change in only one variable at a time. Assessment does not include calculating equilibrium constants and concentrations.


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