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Classroom Policies and Procedures Expectations Presentation


I really struggled with classroom management at the beginning of my career. Now, 10 years later, I can honestly say I enjoy my job, classroom management, and my students. One key to my success has been daily review of classroom policies and procedures.


This set of expectations was born out of countless hours spent in a full classroom with 12 year olds. I’ve pretty much seen it all! These are the expectations that I now use at the beginning of every single lesson.


Topics covered in this classroom policies and procedures resource include:

  • How to enter the classroom
  • How to listen when someone is talking
  • How to work in groups
  • How to do art things (interactive notebooks anyone?!
  • How to clean up
  • How to leave
  • and more!


If you’re new to middle schoolers, I am confident that this presentation will be a good place for you to start. Everything is editable, so as you begin to discover your own preferences, you can make adjustments as needed.


Purchase includes:

  • 18 slide expectations presentation with teacher tips and student expectations
  • student expectation handout in both PDF, PPT, and Keynote formats


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