Families of the Periodic Table Graphic Organizer



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Families of the Periodic Table Graphic Organizer


This simple Families of the Periodic Table Graphic Organizer comparing the families of the periodic table is a great addition to any chemistry unit!


Vocabulary included:

  • alkali metals
  • alkaline earth metals
  • lanthanides
  • actinides
  • transition metals
  • post transitions metals
  • metalloids
  • halogens
  • nonmetals
  • noble gases


Print at 80% for a perfect fit in composition notebooks to add to interactive notebooks.


How Can I Use this Families of the Periodic Table Graphic Organizer Resource?

  • Emergency Sub Plans
  • An independent work station in a set of stations
  • Differentiation – Assign this practice as reteaching for students who have yet to show mastery.
  • Homework
  • Creation of Independent Work Packet for students who are not able to be present for direct instruction.
  • Extension activity for early finishers or for students who show a special interest in the topic
  • Use as a square on a Choice Board
  • Interactive Notebooks: Print 2 pages in one and cut apart. Glue mini pages into notebooks with room for annotations on the side
  • Interactive Notebooks: Print entire PDF as a mini booklet and add to notebooks using these simple instructions.


What’s Included?

Purchase includes a printable PDF file in color. On page 2 of this resource you will find a link to a student friendly Google Slides version of this file. You will be able to copy this file and use it with Google Classroom or any other paperless initiative.


Please take a look at the preview file to see more of this resource.

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