Middle School Earth Science Pacing Guide – FULL YEAR


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Earth Science Pacing Guide


Is lesson planning just too much on top of teaching on top of grading on top of classroom management on top of *ahem* living your life?  Get all the guidance you need to teach a full year science course either in person, hybrid, or virtual with this all inclusive earth science curriculum pacing guide!


This pacing guide will save you time, engage your students, and wow your administrators!


Included Units:


Each unit contains:

  • Google Slides Presentations
  • Worksheets in both print and digital formats
  • Assessment in both print and digital formats
  • Projects
  • Labs


Who is this earth science pacing guide resource for?

This pacing guide is for new teachers, long term subs, homeschoolers, or anyone who wants to press the easy button on life!


This resource is best for educators in schools with access to internet and it uses Google apps for al digital components (Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Forms).


What’s Included in this Earth Science Pacing Guide?

  • Unit pacing
  • Weekly suggested resources
  • Essential Questions
  • Key Takeaways
  • Suggestions for additional resources/phenomena
  • Possible extensions


This pacing guide is a live Google Doc.


When you download this resource, you will receive a PDF file in color. You will find the link to the digital file in a large font on page 2 of the PDF. After clicking the link, a copy will be made that is yours to keep and edit as you wish.


How do I teach this curriculum? 

Download the full year curriculum.


What if I’m not sure?

Feel free to dip just a toe in first by trying one of my complete units before buying the full year curriculum!


All of my unit guides are free, so you can download those for free any time to get an idea of pacing and to learn more about the included resources.


More questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or email me at laneyleeteaches@gmail.com.



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  • Google Slides presentations to cover major topics, with guided notes for students!
  • Reading Comprehension activities with follow up questions. These resources are useful for homework, classwork, sub plans, and more!
  • Assessment: Pretest, study guide, CERs, and final assessment.
  • Projects and labs
  • Webquestscolor by numberstations, and other practice activities.


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