Ecology: Populations Presentation (Google Slides)



Introduce populations and all necessary vocabulary with this interactive presentation. This resource includes two versions of the Google Slides presentation. The first version is shorter (10 slides) and includes an aligned student notes document.


Vocabulary introduced in version 1 includes:

  • population
  • population density
  • limiting factor
  • carrying capacity
  • birth rate
  • death rate
  • immigration
  • emigration


After the whole group notes are completed, students will analyze a population graph and write a story about a species which could theoretically be represented by the graph.


Version 2 of this resource is longer (28 slides) and does not include a student notes document. (I revamped it during distance learning, but will later add student notes if there is a demand!)


Additional topics covered in version 2:

  • More on Limiting Factors (Density Dependent & Density Independent)
  • Population characteristics such as,
  • Age Distribution & Reproductive Strategies
  • Population Dispersal
  • Connections to Evolution and Natural Selection



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NGSS Standards covered in this populations presentation:

MS-LS2-1 Analyze and interpret data to provide evidence for the effects of resource availability on organisms and populations of organisms in an ecosystem. Emphasis is on cause and effect relationships between resources and growth of individual organisms and the numbers of organisms in ecosystems during periods of abundant and scarce resources.


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