The Ultimate Guide to Classroom Management in Middle School

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Struggling with classroom management? You’re not alone.

I’ve spent years of my career flailing as I dealt with every imaginable issue that could possibly arise in my middle school classroom. Things like, but not limited to:

  • Fights in my classroom
  • Inclusion fiascos of every imaginable kind
  • Blame from administrators for sending “too many” kids to the office
  • Class sizes of over 30
  • All boys and all girls classrooms
  • Laptops/cell phones

Throughout my journey, I made it my mission to chronicle everything I’ve learned about what it means to show up every day for a group of adolescents and make a difference. The 118 pages of this book are the result of my 8 years teaching middle grades. Every tear I‘ve cried and every conversation I’ve had with other educators has contributed to the production and publication of the words you’re reading here. I’m passionate about teachers who are new or struggling because I know what it feels like.

In my writing, I aim to be incredibly frank. I know your time is precious, so my purpose is to provide you with clear takeaways; strategies you can implement tomorrow.

Chapters Include:

  1. Self Care
  2. Setting Expectations
  3. Entering the Classroom
  4. Feedback Loops
  5. Differentiation
  6. Enforcing Boundaries
  7. Rewards
  8. Parent Contact
  9. Consequences
  10. Getting A Head Start
  11. Cherish the Child
  12. Choice
  13. Don‘t Engage
  14. Build Relationships
  15. Praise Publicly, Criticize Privately
  16. How to Win Over the Bad Kid (free in preview)
  17. Positive Framing

Each chapter includes a set of discussion questions for your own reflection or to use in a book club setting. I encourage you to find a friend to grow with as you expand your classroom management toolbox.

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