Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy Roller Coaster Worksheet

kinetic and potential energy roller coaster worksheet

Learn physics with this Kinetic and potential energy roller coaster worksheet. This resource includes 5 pages of student practice. There are three pages where students identify points (highest amount of kinetic energy, potential energy is decreasing, etc.) and two pages where students will solve using the kinetic and potential energy equations.

Tundra Abiotic and Biotic Factors

Tundra are one of the most inhospitable climates on Earth. These areas of our planet have very short summer, and exceptionally long winters. Cold winds and below freezing temperatures are very common occurrences here. Some of the biotic and abiotic factors found in the tundra are found only in these areas of the planet.

How Do Vestigial Structures Provide Evidence for Evolution?

how do vestigial structures provide evidence for evolution

What is a vestigial Structure? Vestigial structures are structures that serve no apparent purpose in an organism. In other words, they do not seem to contribute in any way to survival. Scientists assume that these structures may have had a purpose at some point in the species’ evolutionary past and look to them for clues […]

Sink or Float Density Experiment

sink or float density experiment lab

Use this sink or float density experiment to introduce any density related topic! An understanding of density is important in so many Earth Science units. I used this lab as a foundation to help my students understand convection currents, weather, and plate tectonics too! Density is an essential property of matter, so this lab would […]