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Cell Cycle & Mitosis Foldable


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Your purchase secures a download with 3 versions of a  cell cycle and mitosis foldable:

  • Pictures are included (black and white & color)
  • Students must draw their own pictures


Great for practice or review! Wonderful to incorporate into interactive notebooks!


Purchase includes PDF downloads in both black and white and color.


Uses for this product:

  • An independent work station in a set of station
  • Differentiation – Assign this activity as reteaching for students who have yet to show mastery.
  • Homework 
  • Extension activity for early finishers
  • Use as a square on a Choice Board
  • Assessment either formative or summative. You can provide the answers to this quiz using a QR code or after students have verified that they’ve completed their work.



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NGSS Standards covered in this cell cycle and mitosis foldable:

HS-LS1-4 Use a model to illustrate the role of cellular division (mitosis) and differentiation in producing and maintaining complex organisms. Assessment does not include specific gene control mechanisms or rote memorization of the steps of mitosis.


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