Intro to DNA – Google Slides Presentation



This presentation should be considered an introductory lesson. I use it to begin my DNA unit as an overview of all the topics to be covered. Could also be used as a review.


17 slides and student notes sheet covering:

  • What “DNA” stands for
  • Definition of DNA
  • Where DNA is found in the cell
  • Homologous Chromosomes
  • Karyotypes
  • DNA Fun Facts
  • DNA Structure
  • Nitrogen Bases
  • Transcription and Translation
  • What do proteins do?


Includes Youtube links and a built in time where students will research on their own before sharing out whole group.


Your purchase secures a downloadable PDF file with a link to the Google Slides presentation.



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NGSS Standards covered by this DNA presentation:

Develop and use a model to describe why structural changes to genes (mutations) located on chromosomes may affect proteins and may result in harmful, beneficial, or neutral effects to the structure and function of the organism. Emphasis is on conceptual understanding that changes in genetic material may result in making different proteins. Assessment does not include specific changes at the molecular level, mechanisms for protein synthesis, or specific types of mutations.


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