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Student Rewards Coupons



Looking for a unique, low cost way to reward students in your classroom? Try these fun, lottery style student rewards coupons to add an element of suspense and excitement to the process while providing students with great incentives!


Who is this student rewards couponse resource for?

This resource can be used by classroom teachers, tutors, and parents of students in any grade and in any subject.


What’s Included in these student rewards coupons?

  • Printable PDF with 4 different color styles of rewards coupons, in both pre-filled and blank
  • Editable PowerPoint file
  • Editable Keynote file
  • Instructions including a list of rewards ideas

Please note that you will have to separately purchase the scratch off stickers that are used with this resource.


How Can I Use this Resource?

  • Use as a positive behavior reinforcement
  • Use as a reward for winners of Blooket & Kahoot
  • Give out to students who submit work early
  • include in a prize box with stickers and/or candy

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