Black History Month Activities for Science

black history month activities for science

Do you need a content related black history month activity for your science class? Look no further! Take a moment to check out the suggestions below: 1. Black History Periodic Table Creating a Black History Periodic Table not only enriches our understanding of chemistry but also pays homage to the incredible contributions of Black scientists […]

What happens when I purchase a subscription?

laney lee science membership subscription

First, you’ll need an account. All customers of must create an account to make a purchase. By completing this one time process, you’ll ensure that all of your resources are saved in one place for you to access year after year. Next, choose a membership payment plan: monthly or yearly. Now, it’s time to […]

Tips for Running A Middle School Science Fair

So you’re thinking about running a science fair…GOOD FOR YOU! While many middle school science teachers might balk at the concept (and truly, I understand…they ARE a lot of work!!) I really believe that the kinds of projects students will be able to do with the ample time provided for a science or engineering fair offer […]

Full Year Physical Science Curriculum

Are you looking for some new physical science lesson inspiration? Is creating lesson plans just too much on top of teaching on top of grading on top of classroom management on top of *ahem* living your life? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ve come to the right place. I’m about to […]

Middle School Science Lessons for Teaching Simple Machines

The simple machines unit is truly one of my favorite science concepts to teach in the middle school classroom. This unit is packed with opportunities for building problem-solving skills, real life science application, and design challenges. In essence, I find that teaching simple machines to be a really fantastic way to make science FUN for […]

Halloween Activities for Science Class

Halloween is just around the corner…why not use it as an excuse for an extra fun day (or week) in your science classroom?! Making use of the Halloween season is a fun way to get those young scientists in your classroom engaged in science class. So, if you’re looking for some lesson ideas with a […]

Extra Credit Ideas for Middle School Teachers

“What can I do for extra credit?!” ​I’m pretty sure there isn’t a middle or high school teacher that hasn’t heard these exact words coming from a student’s mouth. Students are HUGE fans of the concept, and honestly, who can blame them? Another way to boost their grades? Most students will leap at the opportunity (especially […]

Back to School Resources Every Middle School Science Teacher Needs

Back to school resources for middle school science teachers

It’s that time of year again. The new school year is just around the corner and teachers everywhere are heading back into the school building with boxes of classroom supplies and a list of last minute classroom “to-do’s.” When it comes to back to school resources every middle school teacher needs, everyone has their own […]