How I Got into International Teaching in the First Place

It’s hard to really date my very first interest in international teaching. I’ve read back in some of my older journals and the idea gets thrown around a little bit here and there. In this post I’ll explain the three major factors that pushed me to finally take the leap: my breakup, I got intoContinue reading “How I Got into International Teaching in the First Place”

A Charge for Veteran Teachers

In our school this year we have exactly one first year teacher. ONE. That means we have lots and lots of veteran teachers. The new teacher just so happens to be my friend, and she often expresses to me a feeling of being judged or looked down on. My question is this: where does thisContinue reading “A Charge for Veteran Teachers”

What Does it Mean to be a Creative Teacher?

Do you consider yourself creative? I think that the only way to teach is to teach creatively. So how can we be a creative teacher? First of all, I think it’s important to be reminded that creativity doesn’t only mean colorful pallets and having excellent fine motor skills. Creativity is better defined as the abilityContinue reading “What Does it Mean to be a Creative Teacher?”